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Viper 5904V/5906 Remote Start System

$ 499.89

Last updated on: April 20, 2020 10:30 am

Key Features

  • 2 Way security and remote start system
  • One 2- Way responder
  • One 1- button 1-way responder
  • HD color wireless remote
  • LED screen confirmation
  • Up to 1 mile range
  • 900 MHz Spread Spectrum technology
  • Temperature monitor
  • Engine and parking meter timers
  • Multi level security options
  • Bypass sensor options
  • Smartphone enabled

The Review

If you are a car owner, you understand how important it is to have a secure vehicle that can be operated easily and conveniently. To achieve this, you need to install an advanced security and remote-start system which makes it easier for you to control the different functions of your vehicle without coming into close contact with it. And that is where the Viper 5904V/5906 remote start system comes in.

This is a sophisticated and intuitive remote controlled system that is uniquely designed to make it easier for you to operate and monitor your vehicle from a distance. It is an advanced color remote start system which comes with the upgraded user interface, a patented menu wheel, and a mini-USB charging port. It is a two-way system with a range of up to one mile.

Some of the key features, in detail, of this system include:

Built-in Info Center

This unit has a responder HD status screen with an information center. This will show you the remote start-time that is remaining before the engine of your automobile shuts off. It also displays the interior temperature of your vehicle, enabling you to know when it has cooled off or warmed up enough to make your driving experience more comfortable. Moreover, it also shows the countdown as well as parking meter timers which you can start, stop or clear using the menu wheel in the status screen.

Two Car operation

The system can also be paired to a second vehicle. In such a case, the responder HD will check the availability of the second vehicle and update the information that is displayed on the system’s status screen. This enables you to know when the engine is running or in case it should be disarmed.

Sensor Bypass

With this system, you can bypass certain sensors by simply selecting the sensors and the level you wish to bypass. Here the responder HD will easily identify and display the bypass sensors on the screen, enabling you to know the exact level of security you have chosen. The responder will also report any sensor that has been bypassed by the advanced Nuisance Prevention Circuitry feature.


This remote starter uses the SuperCode technology, which defines the functionality of the responder as well as the intelligence which drives its advanced features. The protocol encompasses the software-based system signal encryption for optimal security. Moreover, the multi-car operation is designed in the SuperCode protocol. Hence you will be able to control the operations of two different cars with one remote.

SmartStart Compatible

This feature allows you to start, control or even locate your car from almost anywhere using a smartphone. You just need to add the Viper SmartStart module to the system to make it SmartStart ready.

Remote Reporting

Another great advantage of using this system is that; if you try to operate a remote start or security feature that is not currently available, the responder will quickly identify and resolve the fault.

Some of the key merits and demerits of this system include:


  • The remote is large and easy to find (harder to lose or misplace)
  • It has a very clear colored LED display for easier viewing and operation
  • The alarm is loud and will keep your car safe
  • The one-mile range allows you to operate your car from a distance
  • The unit can easily be recharged using a USB cable
  • Affordable, budget friendly option


  • The buttons are too sensitive and easy to press, which means you might accidentally press them when in the pocket
  • There may be a 3 to 5-second delay when arming your car


Remote car security and starter systems are specially designed to enhance the security of your car and ensure easier and convenient operation. For instance, a good system will allow you to start the engine of your car while you are at a distance. It also allows for key-less entry as well as convenient trunk popping. Moreover, such a system also allows you to know whenever your vehicle is being tampered with. In fact with more advanced features such as the SmartStart, you can easily control and monitor your car from a smartphone as long as you are within the network coverage.

The best thing is that most systems are always encrypted so as to avoid cases of hacking. If you are looking for an advanced security and remote start system to help secure your car and ensure convenient operation, the Viper 5904V/5906 Remote Start System might just be the best for you.


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$ 499.89

Last updated on: April 20, 2020 10:30 am