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Viper 5706

$ 285.00

Last updated on: April 20, 2020 10:30 am

Key Features

  • 4- Channel vehicle security system
  • 2 way car security and remote start system
  • 1 mile range
  • 5 button sidekick remote control transmitter
  • Door and trunk triggers
  • Extra security features
  • Easy to use interface
  • Supercode encryption
  • LCD screen


This Viper 5706 V responder is a complete remote start and security system which boasts of a full 1-mile range. The unit features easy-to-understand priority icons as well as a text screen on a clear LCD screen. This feature allows you to easily command and even monitor your vehicle with very simple and prioritized buttons. It is a slim display remote, which is packed with some of the latest features. Moreover, it features five buttons which control up to twenty four different functions.

The unit also has the Active Temp check feature, which displays the temperature in your vehicle. With this, you can use the Runtime reset so as to extend your vehicle’s runtime, allowing it to reach the ideal conditions. Furthermore, in case anything happens to your car, its security system will immediately notify you provided you are within its range.

Remote Start

This feature allows the vehicle’s engine to activate without the user having to start the engine manually using the keys. The feature is particularly useful for warming up the vehicle’s engine as well as transmission to operational temperatures. If you are in a cold climate, you can easily have the interior of your car hot, or if you are in a warm climate, you may cool it down before using it. Note that this can be done from the comfort of your office or home.

Rechargeable Remote

Replacing the batteries of a remote car starter can be a very costly endeavor as you may need to purchase new batteries every now and then. Fortunately, this starter is rechargeable, a feature that allows its transmitters to remain at a more consistent voltage during its discharge cycle, hence enabling its functions to keep working. Even better, the battery can last up to 4 weeks on one charge alone. So you won’t have to worry about waiting around for it to charge daily or having your starter run out of batteries when you need it most.


This unit has a one-mile range, which allows you to operate functions of the alarm or the remote start system as well as receive notifications from one mile away. This allows you to utilize all the necessary vehicle functions while you are at a distance for versatility and convenience. For instance, if you forgot to lock the car, you can quickly lock it while you are in the office, in class or at the mall. Moreover, this range enables you to know if someone is tampering with your vehicle.

LCD Display

The starter also allows you to receive the visual confirmations from the vehicle’s security system or the remote start system. For instance, features like remote start, arm/disarm, lock/unlock or trunk release normally appear on the screen of the remote together with the current status. Furthermore, the LCD remote will display the warning icons if the hood, trunk or doors are open. In addition, in the event that your vehicle is tampered with, the remote may display that part if your vehicle that has been affected.

Keyless Entry

This starter also allows you to perform the lock or unlock tasks without coming into physical contact with your vehicle. Ideally, you can easily control the power door locks from within a building or while you are several feet away using the remote fob. For security purposes, the fob normally emits the radio frequency that is encoded digitally so as to prevent any frequency stealing. This helps in ensuring that no intruder gets into your car without using the wireless transmitter.

Dual Zone Shock Sensor

The shock sensor in this starter uses warning chirps for any minor disturbances and may trip the primary alarm in cases where major impacts or disruptions are detected. Moreover, the sensor has adjustable sensitivity modes which help in reducing any false alarms or warnings.

Dedicated Trunk Release

The unit also comes with the trunk release mechanism, as well as remote control integration for the OEM alarm or the add-on trunk release systems. You can easily pop your trunk using the remote transmitter for convenience as well as ease-of-use.

Two-way Paging

The unit allows you to send commands to the alarm or remote start system and get confirmation that the commands were executed. Moreover, you can receive updates on the vehicle’s security status or receive the driver pages on your remote.


The free downloadable SmartStart application gives you absolute control of the security and remote start system of your vehicle right from your smartphone. Moreover, this app also eliminates any need for additional keychain remotes. As long as you are in an area that has cell phone reception, you will not need to worry about being within the range of your vehicle.


  • Long range distance
  • Easy to read screen
  • Many advanced command features
  • Long lasting battery power
  • Defogger switch
  • Temperature control
  • Silent alarm


  • The only noticeable demerit of this unit is that its screen can easily be scratched, which might make it harder for you to read whatever is displayed.


Before purchasing any car starter, it is extremely important to consider aspects such as ease of use, convenience, power efficiency, and the range. The Viper 5706V two-way car starter and security system has been uniquely designed to make it easier, more comfortable and safer for you to operate and use your car.


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$ 285.00

Last updated on: April 20, 2020 10:30 am