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Viper 4205V

$ 99.99

Last updated on: April 20, 2020 10:30 am

Key Features

  • 2-way remote start system for starting your vehicle from a distance
  • Keyless entry for unlocking remotely
  • Comes with a variety of security features including light flash and horn honk when security is compromised
  • Package includes two SuperCode remotes each of which supports two vehicles
  • Single button transmitter for ease of use, defroster output
  • Has a range of 200 feet for even more convenience


The Viper 4205V Review

The Viper 4205V from Viper is nothing less than a technological marvel. Not to sound too technical but the SuperCode technology used in its construction not only facilitates top-notch security standards but also allows you to operate two different vehicles with only one remote control. And that is not all; the system comes with many direct and indirect benefits like keyless entry, two-way paging, and compatibility with Viper’s SmartStart system. This handy gadget has LEDs that alert you on your car’s status. In simple terms, it is exactly what you need for your car, but read on and learn more.

Installation and Accessories

Despite the fact that the Viper 4205V integrates very easily with your vehicle’s factory wiring, it is prudent to hire the services of a professional when installing it. That should always be the case when you are dealing with a vehicle accessory that has a direct impact on your car’s security and performance. Chances are you will need to purchase an immobilizer bypass module (at times known as a transponder) for bypassing factory security features. But that depends on the make and model of your vehicle, and again that is where professional advice comes into play. If you are going to do the installation yourself (opt for this option only if you have sufficient experience in remote start systems) you might want to add a wiring kit to your list of items to purchase. The advantage of paying a reliable mechanic to do the installation is that they will probably have a good immobilizer bypass module in their shop and you won’t need to buy a wiring kit.


The Viper 4205V system uses the highly acclaimed Virtual Tach™ RPM sensing technology. The superiority of that particular technology accounts for the system’s ability to communicate over a 2000-foot range. That means if you are looking for convenience then Viper has served it to you on a silver platter because with that range you can start your car minutes or second before you get to where it is parked and unlock it as you approach.


So what does the Viper 4205V remote start system has to offer? For starters, it comes with two remote controls that allow you to start and unlock your vehicle from up to 200 feet away. Each remote has LEDs that alert you regarding your car’s status. The valet takeover part of the system enables some functions to keep running even after the vehicle’s key has been removed from its ignition, and therefore, allows you to regulate the car’s temperature without having to be in it.

The unit uses SuperCode technology that lets you control two cars with only one remote. Of course, it is a keyless entry system, and that means you can unlock and lock the vehicle remotely. Its two-way paging provides you with feedback as to whether the commands you sent have been executed. It also reinforces security by alerting you when the vehicle is being tampered with. Meanwhile, the car itself will activate its alarm system, honk the horn and flash lights to attract attention.

The module has a timer that you can use to dictate how long you want your car’s engine to run. Finally, it is compatible with Viper’s SmartStart that uses a smartphone app to control all the functions. The high-tech tool includes a Bluetooth module and GPS tracking but requires a data connection to work.

Main Pros

  • The 2000 feet range is pretty impressive
  • Can control up to two vehicles
  • Compatible with Viper SmartStart
  • Has all the functions that you might need in a remote start system
  • Compatible with multiple car models


  •  Requires a professional to install

Final Verdict

The Viper 4205V is exactly what you need to regulate temperatures during cold summers and hot winters. But that is probably the least of its functions because you can use it to start, lock, and unlock your vehicle remotely. In addition to that, you can use it to subscribe to Viper’s SmartStart and enjoy added benefits like smartphone integration and GPS tracking.


Video review of Viper 4204 (the older version of 4205)

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$ 99.99

Last updated on: April 20, 2020 10:30 am