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Viper 4105 Remote Starter

$ 79.35

Last updated on: April 20, 2020 10:30 am


Key Features

  • Unlocks and starts your car remotely to save time
  • Keyless entry system
  • Two 4-button 1-way transmitters
  •  Sense range of 1500 feet is adequate for any remote needs
  • Compatible with hybrid, fuel injected, and diesel vehicles with automatic transmission
  • Designed with  clone-safe code-hopping that cannot be cloned for top-notch security
  • Simple to use; features two 4-button transmitters
  • Panic mode
  • Car finder that flashes lights 5 times for easy location of your vehicle
  • Compatible with Viper SmartStart, including the smartphone app that allows you to control your car using data connection


The Viper 4105 Remote Starter Review

Imagine being able to start your car from 1500 feet away! Sounds appealing, right? Contrary to what you might think, it’s actually as easy as walking into a shop and installing the Viper 4105 Remote Starter. This seemingly tiny accessory is so amazing that with just one push of a button, it will warm or cool your car before you get in and thus create a comfortable environment in preparation for your drive.

Compact but fully loaded with features

In the Viper 4105 box, you will find plenty of useful items including two 4-button transmitters each with a full set of batteries, a control module, self-adhesive receiver with its cable, the main device, door lock, satellite, remote start, and heavy-gauge remote start harnesses. You will also get a shutdown toggle switch, valet switch, owner’s manual among other items. The complete unit itself measures a mere 8 x 3 x 6 inches and weighs 1.6 pounds only. That is to say; it will neither take up any space nor add weight to your car.

Impressive range

Like most other Viper products, the Viper 4105 Remote Starter excels in performance and quality. The remote start system starts your car from up to 1500 feet away. You can actually start the engine while still in the house or office so that by the time you get to the car the only thing left to do is drive off. Just imagine how much time this single feature will help you save. And that is not all it can do. With its keyless entry feature, the Viper 4105 can lock and unlock your car remotely.

Unique response only to your car

This function uses remote fob and encrypted radio frequency technologies to ensure that no other person who has the same remote control system can control your vehicle. So, if someone needs something from your car you don’t need to give them the keys or the remote starter, simply send them to the spot where it is parked and unlock the doors and then lock them again when they are done.

Remote access with your smartphone

In case you feel the need to increase the remote starter’s technological standard you can do so by integrating it with Viper’s downloadable SmartStart app. The smartphone application designed for iOS (iPhone and iPod Touch) and Android removes all geographical limitations from the Viper 4105. You can perform all the functions of the Viper 4105 remote starter (such as lock, unlock, and engine start) from anywhere in the globe. The only requirement is that your smartphone should have a data connection and reception.

Additional features possible

When it comes to security, the Viper 4105 Remote Starter does not come with inbuilt security features, but it can activate and deactivate your car’s default security settings (like factory alarms). The unit has two auxiliary channels that allow you to add two more functions. For example, you can opt to add one for popping the trunk and another for rolling the windows up and down.

Instruction manuals

For any reason if you aren’t able top find the information you’re looking for when programing or installing your remote starter, you can find any “missing” information in the  installation manual of the DEI4103 found here.

Main Pros

  • Works well with Viper’s SmartStart app and therefore geographical limitations can be lifted
  • Allows for high-speed communication between the remote control and the vehicle’s unit
  • Warms and cools the car to keep it comfortable regardless of external weather conditions
  • Very secure system that is easy to use
  • Has Two Auxiliary Channels For Adding Functions
  • Comes with 60 days money back guarantee
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Doesn’t pop the trunk remotely
  • No security features

Final Verdict

The Viper 4105 Remote Starter might not have the sophisticated security features that some remote starters boast of, but if your car has reliable security settings, then this particular unit will serve you to satisfaction. It will warm your car during the winter and cool it when the summer heat comes. It will save you very precious minutes by starting your car remotely and allow you to lock and unlock it remotely while at the comfort of your seat. Very few units can offer that level of luxury. Plus it is backed by the reliable Viper brand. That means quality is guaranteed and you can always use it together with the Viper SmartStart app.



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$ 79.35

Last updated on: April 20, 2020 10:30 am