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Clifford 470.6X 2-Way Responder Remote Start and Keyless System

$ 255.19

Last updated on: April 20, 2020 10:30 am

Key Features

  • Responder LC3 remote start system that can also lock and unlock vehicle among other functions.
  • SuperCode 5-Button Two way remote designed with SuperCode so it can furnish you with feedback (using LCD) regarding your vehicle’s status.
  • Has a 1-Mile Range
  • Compatible with SmartStart that supports Bluetooth control and GPS tracking through a smartphone
  • Uses SuperCode encryption to ensure the signals you send and receive and very secure
  • Package includes two remotes each with 5 buttons and the ability to control up to two vehicles
  • 4 auxiliary channels in case you want to expand the system’s scope and functionality
  • Internal Rechargeable Battery


The Clifford 470.6X Review

The Clifford 470.6X 2-Way Responder Remote Start and Keyless System by Clifford is one of the best reviewed remote start and keyless systems in the market today. It packs a whole lot of features in the small gadget. For instance, you can use it to start your lock remotely, lock and unlock it from a distance, track it using GPS and even enhance its factory security features. Quite an amazing unit to say the least.

Design and Installation

The Clifford 470.6X comes with two remotes; the primary one and a companion just in case you misplace the main one. Each remote is two-way (meaning it can send and receive signals) and features five buttons as well as a 20% larger LCD screen. The unit itself is fitted with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery (charged using a USB cable that is included in the package) so that it doesn’t over-rely on your car’s battery. Like any other remote start system, the 470.6X should be installed by a specialist. It is particularly tasking to install because it requires multiple features to be integrated into the car’s factory settings. However, it shouldn’t take long to get the job done because it has a built-in bypass module that not only makes the installation procedure easy but also adds value to the unit. Generally, three to five hours should be enough.


This offering from Clifford is undoubtedly on a level of its own. It performs all the basic functions of a remote starter such as starting your vehicle remotely as well as locking and unlocking it from a distance of up to one mile. On top of that, you can use it to open the trunk, activate panic mode, valet mode and regulate the car’s interior temperature. The 3rd generation Responder LC3 technology used to make this unit gives it its two-way communication feature. It furnishes you with feedback regarding your car’s current status using the crystal clear LCD display as well as vibrations.

In terms of security, the remote starter is constructed with SuperCode Code-Hopping. That is arguably the best encryption system for remote starters because it ensures your signals are transmitted securely. That is to say, anyone else cannot use a similar device to control your vehicle and hackers cannot steal your transmitter codes. In case it detects a malicious signal, the system will trigger an alarm. If you are really into trendy technology, then you will love the fact that this system is compatible with SmartStart. That means you can integrate it with your smartphone and use Bluetooth to control it. The integration also enables very handy features like GPS tracking of your vehicle.

Vehicle Compatibility and Accessories

The Clifford 470.6X is compatible with diesel engine vehicles. One exciting feature of this remote start system is that it works on automatic as well as manual transmission cars. Depending on your car, you might need to purchase a vehicle interface and a relay. The former makes installation easier while the latter is an essential part in the control of door locks and the car’s ignition system. Acquiring them should not be an issue because both items are very affordable and readily available in auto shops.

Main Pros

  • Combines a ton of features in one single package
  • Has a built-in bypass module and so you don’t have to purchase one
  • Compatible with SmartStart
  • Comes with two remote transmitters and a USB cable for charging batteries
  • Compatible with manual and automatic transmission vehicles
  • Transmits signals very securely


  • Installation procedure is tasking and requires an expert

Final Verdict

If there is one remote starter that is perfect for virtually any type of vehicle it is the Clifford 470.6X 2-Way Responder Remote Start and Keyless System. It excels in simplicity but packs very sophisticated functions in the sleekly designed remote and main unit. Grab one today and enjoy everything that it has to offer.


Video of the Clifford remote car starter in action

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$ 255.19

Last updated on: April 20, 2020 10:30 am