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Key Features

  • Remote car starter feature 4-channel alarm and two-way paging for back and forth communication
  • Well built with an elegant chrome metal finish and a leather strap
  • LCD screen with seven-color backlighting and 50% more viewing
  • Two-way serial port for bypass module integration and i-Data link data bus
  • An extra relay for starter disable
  • C3 compatible data port for integration with C3 telematics cell phone interface
  • 24-hour clock that acts as a timer and doubles up as a temperature monitor
  • 5 on-board relays for parking lights, starter, accessories, ignition 1&2 and one additional relay / socket for starter disable.


The AutoPage RS730LCD Remote Start Review

Cars are among our most intimate possessions. Most owners take time, effort and resources to customize their vehicles to perfection. The problem usually arises when such improvements attract low-life thieves. But thanks to AutoPage C3-RS730, you can now customize and improve the value of your vehicle as much as you want without having to worry about the prospect of a thief stealing it. This stunning remote starter doubles up as a comprehensive security system that brings some peace of mind as well as new levels of convenience.

Design and Installation

The AutoPage RS730LCD Remote Start unit measures 9.1 x 6.9 x 4.4 inches and weighs 2.9 pounds. The size allows it to fit under the dashboard easily. The four-channel and five-relay system has a classy remote transmitter that features a chrome finish and leather strap. It is also equipped with an LCD screen that makes the whole unit a two-way paging transceiver because you not only get to send signals but you can receive feedback as well. Other accessories include a 24-hour clock with a meter minder, countdown timer, and temperature indicator. The remote has five buttons together with a button lock that ensures you don’t press one accidentally. It uses a 1.5volt alkaline battery as the source of power.

Unless you have experience with car remote starts and alarm systems, get this installed by a professional. It should take six to eight hours to install and set up. The instructions are pretty easy and self-explanatory.


Apart from its classy physical outlook, the first thing that you will notice about the AutoPage RS730LCD Remote Start is its signal strength. The unit and transmitter communicate using C3 technology which is arguably the most reliable in the market right now. With it, you can actually start or lock/unlock your vehicle from a block or two away. Furthermore, the technology integrates GPS tracking and cellular control that allow you to track and control the vehicle from anywhere in the world; as long as you have a data connection.

In terms of security, the RS730LCD is fitted with dual zone shock and impact sensors that trigger alarm features like a siren, horn, and light flash whenever safety is compromised. It has two alarm levels. The first level is mild and is triggered when someone rams your vehicle. The second is very loud and goes off when the trunk/wheels/doors/hood are popped. In both instances, it will notify you through the remote. On top of that, it has active and passive anti-carjacking features that arm it automatically when the need arises.

In addition to remote start and keyless entry, the unit is packed with other cool and convenient features. For instance, one remote can operate two cars. You can use it to open the trunk and regulate the car’s internal temperature.

Vehicle Compatibility

The AutoPage RS730LCD Remote Start is one of the few that are compatible with both manual and automatic vehicles. For a manual vehicle, you will need to ensure that a door locking pin is installed so as to prevent remote starting when the door is open.

Main Pros

  • Genuinely good remote starter
  • Compatible with manual and automatic transmission vehicles
  • High-class encryption ensures that the signals are very secure
  • C3 technology makes it compatible with cell phones and GPS tracking systems
  • Has very comprehensive security features
  • Designed in a classy and appealing manner


  • A bit cumbersome to operate when installed in a manual vehicle

Final Verdict

The AutoPage RS730LCD Remote Start receives great reviews for a reason – it is the closest thing to a perfect remote starter and keyless entry system. The relatively small unit and remote transmitter allow you to perform many functions that eventually offer convenience and luxury that you can only get in a high-end luxury vehicle. So of you want to take a leap and not regret then install this system.


Video Review of Autopage RS730

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